Basics of Rotation Diet Plan

Rotation diet plan entails shuffling your daily calorie intake for losing weight. It involves taking foods based on calorie count and maintaining a health regimen for that purpose. To know the details, read on.
The theory of a rotation diet plan was put forward by obesity expert, Martin Katahn, director of the Vanderbilt University Weight Management program, in the year 1986. He planned a diet regimen that entailed rotation of their daily calorie intake and alternating their food to achieve maximum weight loss. There is a diet routine, where the dieter can be on a strict diet for three weeks and in the following next week, he can eat his favorite foods without restrictions. That’s the advantage of such a plan, where you need not sacrifice your favorite foods, while being on a weight loss diet routine.

The Plan Basics

The basic thing is altering your calorie intake in a round-about manner. The calorie counts for men and women are separate. Follow a low calorie diet for three or four weeks and then shuffle the calorie intake in the forth coming weeks. Women should start with 600 cal/day and continue this value for three to four days. After that, the calorie count can be increased to 900 cal/day. This plan can be maintained for one week. In the second week, the calorie count can be increased to 1200. For men, the diet should start with 1200 cal/day for initial three days. It can be increased to 1500 cal/day and 1800 cal, in the second week. The fourth week is always a break period from the stringent diet chart of three consecutive weeks.

Foods To be Eaten During the Plan

You must prepare a chart for yourself regarding the foods you need to consume during this plan. As the first three weeks is a low calorie week, avoid high calorie foods. High fat and high carb fats must be excluded during the first three weeks. For ultimate fat loss, carb rotation diet plan is the most effective way to lose weight. In this plan, you must say a big NO to carbohydrates during the first three or four days. In the fourth day, intake some amount of carbohydrates (limited) and then again bid goodbye to carbohydrates for the next three to four days. This is a very effective way to lose weight by rotating intake of carbohydrates.

This plan is a good method to control allergy towards certain food items. It prevents allergies and also helps you to identify the food that causes allergy in the body. Allergy rotation diet plan includes biologically related foods (e.g. eggs, prawns, beef, shrimp, etc.) on the same day, for two to three days and then waiting for three to four days to observe the result. This way you can know the food causing allergy and control further aggravation due to the particular food type.

For breakfast, you can eat 1 ounce cereal with 8 ounces skimmed milk. You can include citrus fruits during the first three days. In lunch, take 1cup yogurt, with 1tsp wheat germ along with half banana. Plan your dinner with zero calorie green salad, vegetables (broccoli, carrot, beans, eggplant, etc) and half cup rice with broiled or grilled fish.


When you restrict your calorie intake for three to four weeks continuously, you are bound to lose weight. It’s a very good scheme for losing weight in a systematic way. The body metabolism slows to adjust to the change of diet after three weeks. The break week is much pleasurable, as you can consume your favorite delicacies without banning them completely.


Sometimes, it’s very difficult for you, to live on only 600 calories for the first three days, which is almost the level of starvation. This leads to nausea and severe hunger pangs in some females. Although exercise is a part of rotation diet plan, this low calorie conditions fails to meet the body’s daily supplements. When the dieter gets back to normal calorie intake, he sometimes overeats. This leads to a reverse effect, i.e. weight gain.

You should not be tempted to overeat your favorite food during the vacation week, nullifying its effectiveness. Rotation diet plan gives you enough liberty to lose weight in a wonderful way.

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