Calorie Shifting Diet

A calorie shifting diet involves varying the calorie intake on a regular basis, with an aim to increase metabolic processes. When followed properly, this diet plan is effectual for shedding extra ponds within a short time span.
When it comes to healthy weight loss, consuming the correct amount of calories needed by the body is one of the most important aspects that everybody should consider. No doubt, one has to perform regular physical activities and plan the daily diet in a proper manner. Under such a weight loss strategy, the body receives the same amount of calories as it needs everyday. With time, its metabolism gets used to the regular calorie value. But what if there is no change in weight after following this program? This is where the so-called calorie shifting diet plan comes into the picture.
The term ‘calorie shifting diet’ itself suggests that it is a diet plan which involves changing the daily calorie intake. Also known by the name ‘zigzag diet’ or ‘fat loss 4 idiots’, the main objective is to play a trick with the body’s own metabolic processes. An individual is allowed to consume varying amounts of calories, either more or less than the current calorie intake. Hence, the body’s physiological system gets confused regarding the daily calorie requirement.
How Does the Diet Work?
For understanding the phenomenon behind calorie shifting, let’s try to find out as to what happens when the body takes in low calories on a daily basis. In such a case, the body responds by lowering the rate of metabolism. The correlation between the calorie intake and metabolic rate continues, and one has to consume fewer calories to shed extra pounds. When accompanied with fat burning exercises, the dieter will definitely lose weight. However, the downside of the story is gaining weight as soon as one returns to the regular calorie intake.
In contrary, a calorie shifting diet is planned in such a way that the body metabolism keeps guessing about the amount of calories the body is going to receive. As per the proponents of this diet, it is the most logical, yet scientific way to lose weight without any side effects. They are also of the opinion that a well-planned calorie shifting diet is effective to lose about 20 pounds in 20 days. Nevertheless, similar to other theories for losing weight, there are certain factors associated with this dieting strategy, which are proposed for achieving impressive results.
How to Plan the Diet Program?
A prerequisite here is to monitor the amount of calories your body requires and the daily calorie intake. That way, you can increase or decrease calories as per the requirement. And to get the best results, you should follow a healthy diet, enriched with essential nutrients. While on this particular strategy, you should not skip breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Remember that calorie shifting is not for those who have a poor diet plan.
First of all, create a baseline for calorie intake (say 2,000 calories per day) for one month, after which, your body metabolism will expect the same amount everyday. Then increase the calories by 300, two times in the first week. The following week, reduce the calories by 500, two times a week. In the third week, you can up-shift the calorie count by 400, two times. As you approach the fourth week of dieting, decrease the calorie intake by 500, two times a week.
Repeat the cycle for the next 2 – 3 months. It may cause mild side effects such as lightheadedness and weakness. Other than this, there are no adverse effects as such. If everything goes well, most importantly the food type and calorie count, you will notice a remarkable reduction in your weight.

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