Free Diets that Work Fast for Women

There is a whole lot of option in diets that produce better results in women. Want to know about these? Hang on!
Mischa was a nervous wreck. She had a friend’s wedding to attend, and she had a quirky feeling that she was not exactly in shape. If it would have been any other wedding, she would not have been so conscious. But what made her so conscious was the fact that she had a thing going for one of her friend’s fiance’s friend. She made up her mind that in the 10 days leading up to the wedding, those few extra pounds had to be gotten rid of! She checked out the internet for diets, and Voila! She was as good as she could look at the wedding!
Wondering which are these easy diets that women can follow? Well, we give you the answers here.
Diets that Work for Women
Not so Sour Grapes
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a case of sour grapes, but that of grapefruits! In fact, grapefruits help in weight loss. Confused? Let me elaborate. Well, what I am referring to is a grapefruit diet! It is a 10-day weight reduction program that aims at long-term weight loss. Fundamentally, grapefruit works as a catalyst for stimulating calorie burning, which focuses on high-protein content. The person undertaking this has to consume eggs fried in butter, bacon, and meat or fish prepared in any way. This has to be accompanied by a salad, red, green, or yellow vegetables, and tomato juice. The person should ideally not eat between meals, and starch and sugars are a complete no no.
Bitter ‘Sweet’ Truth
Glycemic index (GI) diet is especially good for diabetics. It focuses on, and works by controlling the consumption of usual carbohydrates. Instead, it promotes the consumption of low GI carbohydrates. That is because, it stabilizes the insulin and glucose levels in the blood. A few fruits and vegetables; whole grains such as oats, barley, and bran, basmati rice, pasta, chickpeas, plain yogurt, and skim milk are some of the things a person can have under this diet plan.
Diet – The Celeb Style
Primarily a liquid, this is what has been named as Hollywood diet. It is one of those extremely popular fad weight loss routines. The basic plan is not to eat for 38 hours, and only have a nutrient rich drink to fulfill the body’s requirements of vitamins and minerals. In this plan, you drink an 8 ounce drink containing 4 ounces of water and 4 ounces of juice. The drink has to be slowly sipped over a four hour period. By sipping it gradually, hunger pangs are kept at bay. You do this for two days, four times a day. Then you have to drink 4 ounces of water. This drink is made up of soy milk, orange and cranberry juices, yogurt, wheat germ oil, and flaxseed oil. You can get the recipe on the internet, without spending a penny!
Cal(orie) it a Day
This too falls in the category of producing fast results. This is called the 1,300 calorie diet plan. If you have a fetish for counting calories, this is exactly the diet plan you would want. This is a low fat weight loss plan requiring the individual to eat four to six light meals a day, rather than eating 3 heavy meals a day. The person has to focus on eating fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, lean meat, and non-fat dairy products. High sugar, fat, and high-calorie foods are to be kept at bay for this diet to work effectively.
The other seasoned campaigners like south beach diet, macrobiotic diet, cabbage soup diet, zone diet, organic diet, and a few others are also an option.

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