Vegetarian Diets that Work Fast for Women

The idea of going on an all-vegetarian diet doesn’t sound very appealing more so when that means going on a diet that doesn’t include the meat of any kind. Learn about how switching to a meat-free diet isn’t all that bad.

When I first told people I turned vegetarian during the weekdays and ate meat only when the weekend came around, they thought I was nuts. It isn’t hard to get used to a routine that included only vegetarian eats while barring meat for just five days a week. I have done the all veg, no non-veg diet as well, where weekends flew by without a hint of meat for months. It is not impossible, and very much a passable diet for the common man. But the thought of snacking on things that don’t include meat can make you quite uneasy, especially if you’re used to a diet routine that includes meat all seven days of the week for the best vegetarian diet meal for women.

It’s not hard to kill the temptation of eating non-vegetarian foods, especially when there is so much you can do with the opposite, in terms of making it taste great and look scrumptious. If you want to shed weight, then ‘going green’ would seem like the likely alternative to an ordinary portion-controlled diet. The difference here is that the calories consumed are much less in all that is naturally grown in produce, compared to meats.

Vegetarian Weight Loss for women

How to Follow a Vegetarian Diet for Women

When it comes to vegetarian diet plans it’s all about knowing when to eat and how much of it to consume, which is the case in any regimen. Just because you’re on a diet that doesn’t include meat, it shouldn’t allow you to make room for pigging out on empty calorie foods like fried foods or refined flour meals. When it comes to portion control, no matter what the food or drink – size matters. From the following table, you can mix and match the ingredients depending on what you’re in the mood for. This way you keep things changing and different, without the chance for boredom or unnecessary food cravings creeping in the best vegetarian diet for women.

Breakfast in Vegetarian Diet for Women

  • 2 eggs cooked the way you like them (if frying these, use olive oil)
  • 2 slices of brown bread, with non-fat cream cheese
  • 1 cup of black coffee with two cubes of brown sugar

Alternate Any of the Above With

A bowl of oatmeal and fruit 1 tall glass of freshly made fruit/vegetable juice (instead of coffee) 1 fruit/vegetable smoothie using non-fat ingredients (instead of coffee)
Fruit salad with assorted fruits Eggs coupled with mushrooms, cheese, and vegetables of your choice Halloumi cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato
Whole wheat cereal with non-fat milk and berries Pancakes using non-fat ingredients (eaten with honey or unsalted, non-fat butter) Eggs sandwiched between toasted brown bread and veggies of your choice


  • Lightly toasted tofu combined with classic Caesar salad ingredients with non-fat dressing in your vegetarian diet for weight loss
  • 1 mug of green tea with two cubes of brown sugar and a slice of lemon

Alternate Any of the Above With

Cottage cheese with fruit (orange sections with pineapple and lemon juice) Egg roll sandwich with lettuce, carrots, tomato, and herbs of your choice Veg casserole with non-fat ingredients and rice pasta instead of regular pasta
Homemade vegetable broth with toasted brown bread Stir-fried noodles with broccoli, bell peppers, chilies, and button mushrooms/baby corn Green Thai curry with cauliflower, lemongrass, baby corn and potatoes coupled with brown rice
Veg based burritos Artichoke spinach lasagna (non-fat ingredients) Spinach salad with avocado and cranberries

Munchies (Eaten two hours before lunch)

  • A bowl of cherries/grapes
  • Nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts; a handful of each only per 1-day serving)

Alternate Any of the Above With

Unsalted crackers with blue cheese 1 bagel with unsalted butter Protein bars
1 mug of green tea with two cubes of brown sugar and a slice of lemon 1 small bowl of watermelon (good to cut down on food cravings) Pita bread with hummus
Taco with beans Guacamole with pita bread Baked chips (handful)

Evening End Meal (Eaten before 7:30 pm, three hours after lunch; any one of the following)

1 bowl of fruit (assorted) Unsalted crackers with non-fat cream cheese Lentil soup
Vegetable salad Toasted brown bread with unsalted butter (2 slices) Blueberry muffin
Pine seeds (a handful) Freshly squeezed juice (without milk/cream) 1 mug of green tea with 1 unsalted buttered bagel (2 cubes brown sugar and a slice of lemon)

best vegetarian diet plan for Weight Loss

Vegetarian meals are those that have the inclusion of all the necessary nutrients, especially protein, calcium, and a sufficient helping of good carbohydrates. Low carb is the best vegetarian diet for weight loss and highly preferred, being a healthier option to cut down on unnecessary calorie intake and cancel out on bad carbs in the process. Have a healthy tomorrow.



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